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Flexi Vario Cord Red Medium 20kg - 5m (16ft)

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Flexi Vario Cord Red Medium 20kg - 5m (16ft)

Enjoy your walks with the innovative, prize-winning VARIO System from flexi. Thanks to many optional accessories like exclusive interchangeable belts, LED Lighting System and Multi Box, you can customize flexi VARIO to meet your needs. The innovative Short-Stop Braking System provides a high level of safety and convenient handling during walks.

The flexi VARIO system is available as cord or tape lead in different lengths ranging from 3 m to 8 m for small, medium sized and larger dogs in trendy colours: anthracite, blue, red, brown, pink and turquoise. Cord leads are supplied with a colour-coordinated bite belt.

Made in Germany.

Please read the handling tips and safety instructions.


3 m cord lead for small dogs, cats and other small animals up to 8 kg

3 m tape lead for small dogs, cats and other small animals up to 12 kg


5 or 8 m cord lead for small dogs up to 12 kg

5 m tape lead for small dogs up to 15 kg


5 or 8 m cord lead for medium-sized dogs up to 20 kg

5 m tape lead for medium-sized dogs up to 25 kg


5 m tape lead for larger dogs up to 60 kg

8 m tape lead for larger dogs up to 50 kg

Handle adjustment

The ergonomic grip handle is infinitely adjustable (as of size M) and fits perfectly in the hand. Soft components allow for enjoyable haptics and a comfortable grip.

Cord or tape guide

Enjoy the comfort of a flexi retractable lead that is designed for walking your dog in open areas where they can enjoy lots of extra 'freedom on the lead'.

flexi cord and tape leads smoothly unroll and retract, no matter how you hold them.

The innovative flexi tape guidance offers high comfort and ensures that the tape will follow your dog in every direction without twisting.

Innovative Short-Stop Braking System - reliable control

The new, innovative Short-Stop Braking System responds fast and reliably and is intuitively used thanks to the convenient brake button. Easy to use with one hand. The permanent stop function allows to walk the dog at heel.

Individually updgradeable with refined accessories

flexi VARIO offers the unique option to customize your lead with different belt options as well as practical accessories. Depending on your needs, the following optional belts are available: VARIO Soft Stop Belt, VARIO LED Flash Belt and VARIO Duo Belt for two small dogs (size S only).

Treats or waste bags can be stored conveniently in the optional Multi Box. For increased visibility in the dark, the flexi LED Lighting System is optionally available.


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