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Fluval Fx5 External Filter

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  • Product ID: 0474
  • Weight: 8.2kg
  • Manufacturer: Hagen (see all products)
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Fluval Fx5 External Filter

Hagen Fluval FX5 External Filter

230-240V, 50 Hz
- 48 W
- 2300 L/H (607 U.S. Gal./H)
- For aquariums up to 1500 L (400 U.S. Gal.)
- Smart Pump technology ensures optimum flow
- Self Priming (plug & start)
- Automatic water change function
- Large, clog-proof strainer
- Setup & maintenance guide on DVD
- Media supplied - 6 foam filter blocks
- Additional filter media sold separately

The Fluval FX5 is a large capacity, multi-stage external canister filter system.
607 U.S. Gal. (2,300 L)/H, enabling precise management of water conditions for
aquariums as large as 400 U.S. Gal. (1,500 L).
A self-priming instant-start system that eliminates the need for manual siphoning.

The Fluval FX 5 has a Unique click-fit AquaStop Valves that regulate water flow, rotate at 55 degree
angles and allow for fast set-up and leak-proof maintenance.
A purge valve that allows for partial discharge of debris without needing to move the unit
Multi-directional twin output nozzles to create specific water flows
Fluval FX5 Smart Pump Technology (patent pending) ensures quiet, efficient operation.
This self-priming system provides plug-in-and-start convenience.
Lift-out stack of media baskets.
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