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Chicken Nylabone Petite

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Chicken Nylabone Petite

Chicken Nylabone Petite
Chicken flavoured NylaboneChicken flavoured Nylabone is made from pure virgin nylon with baked-in flavour particles of real chicken meal. The bones are annealed after moulding, resulting in a therapeutic chew device which is strong, safe and very durable. The bristle-like projections that are raised on the surface of the bone as it is chewed massage the surface of the teeth and gums and help to prevent plaque from forming. Chicken flavoured Nylabone performs in a similar way to original Nylabone and has all its therapeutic benefits, however, the additional chicken meal, being a natural product, can make the bone slightly softer than the original Nylabone. Choose the largest size your dog can comfortably hold in his mouth in order to derive the greatest dental benefit.
Chicken flavoured Nylabone, Petite size0018214778103NCF101

Chicken flavoured Nylabone, Regular size0018214778110NCF102

Chicken flavoured Nylabone, Wolf size0018214778127NCF103
Chicken flavoured Nylabone, Giant size0018214778134NCF104
Chicken flavoured Nylabone, Souper size0018214778141NCF105

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