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Cedarplus Nest Boxes

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Jacobi & Jayne

Cedarplus Nest Boxes

CedarPLUS™ Nest Boxes Wood is the most natural material for nest boxes but until recently there wasn’t a wooden box that met our exacting standards for design and durability. Our exceptional CedarPLUS boxes have filled the gap: they are warm and safe for birds, long-lasting without the need for preservatives, and at the same time have an architectural elegance that pleases the eye.They are built from Canadian cedar, the most popular timber for nest boxes in North America since it weathers attractively and lasts for years. There are now five models in the range, all sharing the same high build-quality and detailing. Designed and built without compromise, features include: 25mm cedar for excellent insulation and strength. Screwed construction to reduce the risk of warping. Full length fixing baton to protect from moisture seeping in from tree-trunk or wall. Aluminium fixing nail that won’t damage the tree and is safe when it is eventually felled. Side-opening inspection door with a simple, rust-proof lock and leather pull-tab. Double-depth entrance hole to increase protection from predators.

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