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Critter's Choice Tasty Sticks 75g

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Critter's Choice Tasty Sticks 75g


N.B. Tasty Sticks would directly replace the discontinued Tasty twigs

This fun range of small animal treats offers owners a variety of colourful
tasty titbits at an affordable price. Each variety of treats offers a feeding
guide per animal size as this is important when feeding supplemental treats.
There are three main categories:-Critter drops – 4 flavours – Chocolate, Blueberry, Carrot and raspberry &
strawberry mixA tasty nutritious treat when used as part of a balanced dietHoneycomb biscuit buttons – 4 flavours – Vegetable, Strawberry, Honey and
BlueberryA nourishing treat that provides an ideal daily reward or titbitBiscuit sticks – 4 flavours – Vegi, Fruity, Herb and Grain
A wholesome snack for small animals just the right length to hand feed your
petAnd four individual varietiesCrunchy Bites – Hard baked irregular shaped fruit sponge for all to enjoy as
a treat Tasty Sticks – Brightly coloured fruity sticks ideal for hand feeding your pet Vegi Cocktail – Beetroot, carrot, parsnip, parsley and granulated cereals a
truly scrumptious mixFruit Cocktail – Apple, rowanberry, dried pip stones, rose, hawthorn, raisins
and cereals an irresistible snack for small animals and chinchillas too!
N.B. Tasty Sticks would directly replace the discontinued Tasty twigs
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