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Biorb 105 Classic Aquarium Intelligent Led Silver

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Biorb 105 Classic Aquarium Intelligent Led Silver

Biorb 105 Classic Aquarium Intelligent Led Silver

Like all biorbs, the biOrb 105 uses special ceramic media to provide biological filtration, which has a surface area equivalent to the size of a football pitch. Any excess waste is collected and held in a filter cartridge at the base of the biOrb. 

To maintain your biOrb 105 all you need to do is simply replace the filter cartridge every four weeks and change a third of the water. 

The biOrb 105 has an intelligent light which uses long life LEDs to automatically replicate a natural 24 hour light cycle.  

For your peace of mind, the lights and pump are low voltage and are backed by a 12 month guarantee. The aquarium itself is made from acrylic which is ten times stronger than glass. 

You can keep larger species of fish in your biOrb 105 - go tropical or marine - and still enjoy the benefits of an aquarium which is simple to look after. 


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