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Trixie Play Mouse W. Catnip, Grey, Plush, 7 Cm

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Trixie Play Mouse W. Catnip, Grey, Plush, 7 Cm

This plush mouse is ideal for jointly playing of the cat and its owner. Move the plush mouse over the ground and stir up your cat’s hunting instinct. Furthermore the contained catnip stimulates the cat’s playing instinct. The game between cat owners and their cats encourages the feeling of solidarity. Details: plush stirs up the cat’s playing instinct catnip stimulates the cat’s playing instinct Important:In nature cats are spending many hours on searching prey and hunting. If a cat gets the daily food from its owner, it is missing this occupation. Especially owners of house cats should provide the cat with a spare activity. Most exciting for the cat will be playing with its owner since he can give live to the spare prey by moving it.Further information:Cat nip is made of the leaves of the Nepeta Cataria which belongs to the mint family. The mint aroma stirs up most cats’ playing instinct and makes them react with an active, curious and playful behaviour.Therefore it helps specially house cats to act out their natural playing instinct. Cat toys and scratching post can also be treated with catnip to make them more attractive for the cat. Play mouse w. catnip, grey, plush, 7 cm

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